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Bozarts Gallery is dedicated to the growth and advancement of the fine arts in Water Valley and the surrounding community.
A commercial gallery with a current view, Bozarts Gallery is an alliance of creative minds with purpose and vision.
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Let me ask you something, what is not art? ~Author Unknown
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Cindy P. Aune
I have been creating something my entire life. I colored in front of a black and white TV in southern Louisiana as a child. A few years ago I discovered the freedom of painting with my fingers instead of brushes. The use of this technique, almost allows the piece to create itself. A fluid and loose abstracted style best describes my work. My vivid palette, I hope, reflects the true joy of life, even when there are lingering sorrows beneath. I seem to return to figurative and florals as my main subjects. However, I find interest in almost everything, usually in the smaller details. I paint very quickly using layers of paint and often paint over older works. This method creates interesting textures and undertones. I enjoy most of my days now, creating the images I see in my head and heart.
noon-5pm FRI noon-5pm, SAT 10am-4pm 662.473.2484 by appointment