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Bozarts Gallery is dedicated to the growth and advancement of the fine arts in Water Valley and the surrounding community.
A commercial gallery with a current view, Bozarts Gallery is an alliance of creative minds with purpose and vision.
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Let me ask you something, what is not art? ~Author Unknown
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Mari Foster
My works of art no longer stem from angst. I'm past the time of being hesitant about attempting something new for fear of failure. To be able to use my imagination to make art without following set rules and without expecting perfection is sheer freedom. Now, if I choose, I can draw and paint with no preconceived plan and just see what happens from impulse to hand. Strange shapes are hidden within intertwining lines---whimsical images emerge---faces, creatures, and flowers share features. When completed, I can look at it and be fascinated with what's there, as if it were done by an unknown artist. Even with realism, I usually insert something unexpected or leave a section unfinished. Pen, pencil, watercolor and acrylics are my latest media of choice. They allow me to experiment with numerous new techniques. I also love to carve and paint driftwood into abstract sculptures of animals and mythical characters.
noon-5pm FRI noon-5pm, SAT 10am-4pm 662.473.2484 by appointment