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Bozarts Gallery is dedicated to the growth and advancement of the fine arts in Water Valley and the surrounding community.
A commercial gallery with a current view, Bozarts Gallery is an alliance of creative minds with purpose and vision.
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Let me ask you something, what is not art? ~Author Unknown
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Michael T. Maxwell
I have always been extremely sensitive to whatever environment I find myself in. Over time, this condition has developed into a personal need to address my surroundings. Painting has turned out to be a pretty good way for me to make sense out of the visual aspect of environment, and to share those sensations with other humans. I am presently interested in the dynamic compositional patterns I find abundant in the urban landscape. I also have a growing nostalgia (for lack of a better word) for early-to-mid 20th century America because in many ways it seems like the peak of modern American civilization. So my current painting subjects might be a reflection of that feeling too.
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