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Bozarts Gallery is dedicated to the growth and advancement of the fine arts in Water Valley and the surrounding community.
A commercial gallery with a current view, Bozarts Gallery is an alliance of creative minds with purpose and vision.
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Let me ask you something, what is not art? ~Author Unknown
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William Warren
My Art is a barometer of the times I live in. The early stages were more centered around technological influences on society. Using collage based imagery to make surreal splice figures and places . The later work has been inspired by natural forms that have a fantastic quality. These pieces are about the earth space and the need to reconnect to primal forces of our planet. By the contemplation of the landscape I hope to express the transcendental state nature can create in the observing artist. In these overly mechanized times, the tactile experience of painting from nature serves to ground my energy and helps me focus on the strangely sublime moments of artistic achievement.
noon-5pm FRI noon-5pm, SAT 10am-4pm 662.473.2484 by appointment